Specifications: Features:  Engine: Propeller:
Weight 65 lbs  Tuned pipe (std.) Simonini 202 (tuned) 48" Helix composite
Thrust 153 lbs Digital ignition  24 HP@ 6000 RPM  
Max. pilot weight 240 lbs Weight shift    
Resonate exhaust Easy start (std.)    
2.5 gallon gas tank      
Bing 34 mm carburetor     Price:
Read Manual     $ 7490,-

Simonini SportiX 122 with a new face and pilot suspension.

Here is another shot of the engine. This engine, like all other Fresh Breeze paramotors, can be pull started in mid air, and one of the most quietest running on the market.

New!! The 11 liter fuel tank is in a low position but very much protected and safe because of the extra wall thickness and material used. The unit has a very small dimension when the cage is removed, which allows very easy transport. Improved rugged designed frame whill maintaining a very light weight. This is the best pilot suspension you will have ever flown. You need to give it a try. Southern Skies has new Simonini's with is cage in stock. It is a $500 upgrade over the standard cage, but it weighs 3 lbs less. 

You can mount the rescue system on the left or right position and is integrated into the harness. No V-line or rescue system will disturb you while handling or in flight.

The reinforced cage for SportiX is available as well. This cage is excellent for trike use and can endure extreme stress take off and landing.

Active bar "schnappmatic" for easy ground and flight handling and easy take off and landing. It has wide straps that improves the carrying comfort.

Accumulator holder with 12 volts connection and main switch.

This is an option for Simonini. The advantage lies in the dynamic moment of ignition adjustment. When starting the engine the spark jumps approximately at 0° before of OT. With an increasing rpm the moment of ignition moves itself continuously in the direction of early. The engine starts through this more gently and runs more smoothly. At the same time the ignition has a very powerful alternator. The alternator delivers/min 170 watts at 16.8 volts with 6000 1/min.Electrically heatable jacket or gloves can be operated thus excellently.