FOX – a perfect package


All you need for speedflying is the FOX. The leading edge has a combination of standard mylar and nylon wires. This provides perfect take-off behavior – even after many flights. You can foot-launch the FOX as well.

The steering is easy and the FOX has excellent flare characteristics. When riding down deep-powder slopes you won’t get airborne too easily. We call it a great balance.

The trimmers work perfectly and give you a speed-range you will not believe, greatly increasing the usability. Open up the trimmers on the Fox and the wing transforms into more of a speedrider - that is versatility at its best!

Like any other speed-rider, the Fox has its best gliding when slowing down with the brakes.

Due to a clever cell-construction the canopy is very stable and free from oscillating movements.

  • Perfect take-off behaviour
  • Precise handling and long brake travel
  • Big speed-range
  • Great performance when slowing down with brakes
  • Perfect flare-behaviour
  • Stable around axis
  • Foot-launchable
  • Stable canopy – no oscillation

FOX Standard Colours

FOX   11 13
Flat Area Sq m 11 13
Projected Area Sq m 9,35 11,06
Flat Aspect Ratio   3,33 3,33
Projected aspec ratio   2,52 2,52
Flat span m 6,05 6,58
Projected span m 4,86 5,28
Root Cord m 2,16 2,35
Chambers/Cells   17 17
Total Line length m 162 180
Total No. of Lines   110 110
Number of main lines A/B/C 3/3/2 3/3/2
Weight excl bag Kg 2,3 2,6


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