Fuel warning:
Do not use fuel containing ethanol in your FB paramotor!
Engine damage can result from ethanol now present in most car gas. Ethanol is a solvent and washes the oil of the bearings, runs hot, attracts water and is corrosive. The best fuel is AVGAS 100 LL- locate self service pumps here: www.airnav.com

Directions to how to mix gas and calculate volumes:

How to figure out mix ratios: Ok you got some number like 30:1 or 50:1 or whatever and you want to know how much oil to mix in the amount of gas you have. First need like units IE, gallons (gal) and gallons or ounces (oz) and ounces. Normally gas is in gallons and 2 cycle oil is in ounces so we need to convert one to the other ... just convert gallons to ounces.

There are 128 oz in a gallon.

128 oz of gas mixed 50:1 = 128oz/50 parts = 2.56oz

When you add in the oil, there will be 51 total parts. This is not a problem, you are using a mix ratio IE. mix 50 cups of gas with 1 cup of oil.

G = Gallon(s) of gas you have

M = Mix Constant (IE 50 if you are using 50:1)

G x 128
------- = oz of oil to add

If you are still confused just use the chart below... find how much gas you got on top and your ratio on the side and meet them to find the amount of oil you will need. "In ounces (oz)"