Specifications: Features:  Engine: Propeller:
The Xcitor requires a sports pilot license Integrated trailer 70 HP Hirth Motor 4 Blade composite
Weight 364 lb  Self propelled water cooled  
Overall Length 122" Comfortable seat digital engine management  
Overall Width 76.5" Tandem ready-to-go    
Overall Height 83.5 E/Z Steering    
Passenger: Yes & without change of setup trike Glider included   Price:
Special XWing "high speed/high load glider"     $ 28800.00
Spring Travel: 5" (in front) 6" (in the back)     includes Rocket Rescue 
Suspension: Over elastomers, adjustable     Parachute
steering element: Foot-operated     Factory assembled ready to fly
Wheel diameter: 12" in front, 19.5"in the back     Tarp, Propeller, Light carrier,
Brakes front wheel: Drum     Cockpit, and the associated 
7.5 Gallon gas tank     Powered paragliding wing
Read Manual     Less expensive model available

The broad wheel base and the large rear wheels bring an extreme anti tilt/rollover safety.The Xcitior was completely designed and developed on the computer for a precise fit. Perfect ergonomics, large spring travels in front and in the back, generous available pilot space and a compact over all shape were considered from the outset of the project. Reclined, adjustable seats, low fuel tank and a hanging engine bring the center of gravity down as far as possible.

Thus a safer and pilot error forgiving launching and landing behavior result.
The economical 70 PS Hirth Motor with digital engine management and digital injection. Brings the 440 lbs payload quickly into air.

A new trim system and air speeds of up to 40 mph make a completely new steering system possible with very moderate control loads.

The toggle lines need to be used only for launching and landing, since the new trim levers and steering system allow for easy, low-friction steering and control of the glider.

A trailer hitch is integrated!
The integrated trailer coupling permits legal transport in the simplest way as trailer without a separate trailer great for long distance 1 way cross country flight to your friends hous who might have a hitch on his car to give you a ride back!
The glider and other accessories can be carried in the trike because the permitted additional load as a trailer amounts to ~ 220 lbs!

And security? 
The Xcitor is on the cutting edge by use of a integrated rocket rescue system! Thus safe opening of the emergency parachute can be achieved in about 100' or less.

The Xcitor Trike

The Xcitor trike is a new development by Fresh Breeze in 2005. We are very excited about it. The pilot can relax in it completely and still do most any paragliding task. Therefore we called it also our "Xcitor". It is the "YES" answer to these common questions posed to us about the limits of the paraglider and motor unit:

  • Can I carry a passenger with me easily and share my flight experience ?
  • Can I easily learn to fly it ?
  • Can this equipment be transported easily?
  • Can I start flying right away with confidence, with as small of a risk as possible?
  • Can I land very safely, even with the most unfavorable conditions ?
  • Can I fly in no wind or higher winds with ease and safety?

The first production machines are pictured above. The safety and airworthiness inspection required in Germany was passed on 8/04/2004 by the DULV. (German Ultralight Authority ... unlike the USA the Germans regulate ultralight).