Specifications: Features:  Engine: Propeller:
Weight 71 lbs  Tuned pipe (std.) Hirth 312 (tuned) Two 48" Helix composite
Thrust 165+lbs HEIS ignition (std.) 30 HP@6000 RPM  
Max pilot weight 350+lbs Easy start (std.)    
Resonate exhaust      
2.5 gallon gas tank      
Bing 34 mm carburetor     Price:

The goal was the ultimate "Toy" for PPG. You can fly and Bicycle. If you are on the ground, the motor and glider can be stowed and the whole thing pedaled, to the ice cream parlor for instance.

The bicycle can be used with the motor running on the ground. Two hydraulic brakes stop the unit.

The Flyke launches like a regular trike. It offers a comfortable seating position and unobstructed view and great ergonomics. No special Harness is necessary, sit down, fasten your seatbelt and take off. The bicycle is front wheel drive and steers with articulation. The whole front of the bicycle with seat pivots into turns. On the ground a steering handle is used.

On take off the hands are on the brakes so the Flyke is steered automatically by the glider. If the glider pulls to one side the steering automatically follows. During take off the pilot only steers the glider, not the bicycle. The engine can be dismounted in seconds and used as a back pack. While bicycling the Flyke is faster than a regular bike, proven during many tours.

The empty weight is 21 kg (45 lbs). The low drag, high quality bearings and high pressure tires compensate for the extra weight and 3 d wheel. The suspension travels 10 cm and the load test necessary for German certification have been successfully completed.

The concept is fun: After landing, pedal to the gas station, refuel, stop at a friends house, fly home, whatever. You are now mobile with all your gear and not tied to your field.