The little "Water Dwarf" loves full throttle and has great "steam in the boiler"
This lightweight engine provides many new´s for the foot launch pilot´s.


  • Enduring power
  • Low Weight
  • Water Cooled
  • Centrifugal Cltuch
  • Gear Transmission
  • Flashstarter

Amazing 55 kg thrust delivers this little 86 cc engine. Finally a small motor for "stronger" boys.

$ 7390.00


The ThoriX 80 has a oil bath gear transmission.This is wearing and durable.


The already mandatory centrifugal clutch in modern engines guarantees in this system maximum security, especially in ground handling. The centrifugalclutch operates smoothly but directly. The acceleration of the propeller is extremely low.




A great feature for compact construction: 


The liquid cooled system has been designed to grant the maximum temperature uniformity during the flight. This cooler has a forced-air system with a fan placed on the crankshaft. Therefore the radiator has a small dimension and is intergrated very close into the engine.


The monitoring of the water temperature is shown on the display in the throttle lever.- optional


The ThoriX 80 belongs to the generation SportiX. Here are various tank sizes from 8,5 liters to 17 liters are available.

The tank shown here is made of GRP and has a capacity of17 liters. Flights up to 5 housbecome possible. optional

Two typ of harness are available

  • The standard harness with integrated reserve container and extra storage pocket


  • A harness Light in "stripped down" version withoutbags and containers. The weight difference is more than 1 kg. We recommend then the use of a frontcontainer.


The "speciality" about the Thorix is the pilot suspension made by Fresh Breeze. 

While starting and landing the push brace are low, so the center has moved before the main balance point, and the engine tips with pleasure down and supports starts and landings. 

When flying, the push brace is horizontal and the fulcrum lies very near the center of the engine and it does not press the pilots back and vibrations are kept off almost completly. 

The left push rod has a special design which compensate efficient the negative torc effect from this strong and powerful engine. 

This all sound very technically, but the main point is: the engine and pilot becomes one. No more torqing away while starting or leaned back landings, where the equipment shatteres into 1000 pieces. 


The front container is equipped with a permanently installed V-line. 

On the rear side of the container is a small pocket 

On top of the container some instruments can be taken and fixed with velcro.