Eazy 2 LTF/EN A




EAZY2 – The most fun EN-A glider on the market! 

EN-A gliders are generally renowned as safe, predictable, but they are also equally regarded as boring, with no feeling, no great discernible handling, slow - and only for beginners.

The EAZY2 shrugs off these clichés and sets a complete new standard for EN-A wings – maximum forgiveness in combination with fun in flight.

We’ve added a dash of agile handling ability, proving that an EN-A can be safe and have the range to be nippy - and at the same time flat and efficient. The long and progressive brake travel is forgiving for beginners but doesn’t inhibit evolving pilots from making direct and snappy moves – a real fun machine.



The EAZY2 is highly stable, offering a new level of passive safety – nothing can really shake it. It drives through turbulence as if it wasn’t present, and the canopy stays where it belongs – overhead, with rock-solid stability. 

It’s the perfect choice for your first flights. Predictable, fun and confidence inspiring.
We’ve developed this glider not only for the entry-level pilot, but also for those developing pilots seeking a fun and reliable glider that supports extended progression with the added versatility of being Hike and Fly adventure ready. 

Take-off behaviour is sublime. 
No tendency to overshoot - easy to control. There is really nothing more to say about it. 




Not anymore. The EAZY2 has excellent trim speed and the accelerator gives more than you would normally expect from a glider in its class. 
As always, we support a broad range of sizing, from the L (125kg), right down to a real-world XXS (50kg).

All surfaces are smaller due to a newly designed airfoil that creates more lift. As a result, it’s been possible to keep the glider compact, and at the same time achieve excellent climbing ability. Another advantage is higher overall stability and more speed - which gives even greater benefit to lighter pilots than ever before. 

Optically, the EAZY2 follows on from the RISE3 with the slim design stripe on the bottom surface, and new state-of-the-art graphic logo prints. Two new fabric colours expand the possibility for standard and custom colour colour combinations – Petrol and Rubi. 

The EAZY2 will be produced in 2 variants – Standard and Superlight, with the latter available in spring 2018.


•    Your first glider. A confidence-inspiring wing that will allow you to develop and evolve your skills with maximum forgiveness, safety and fun. 
•    Keeping you smiling for longer. Agile handling characteristics for long-lasting satisfaction!
•    High-stability and perfect start characteristics, making it ideal for hike & fly applications.
•    Small sizing support for lighter pilots (XS and XXS)



•    Ultra-stable, forgiving and neutral
•    High top-speed in its class
•    Agile handling with long, progressive brake travel
•    Effortless and predictable start characteristics
•    Offering real-world XS/XXS sizes
•    Compact sizing, greater lift and higher stability, thanks to a newly developed high-lift airfoil
•    3D Sail-Cut ® and Nosewire® technologies
•    Wingtip Vortex Holes® diffuse vortex drag by releasing redundant pressure, further improving performance.
•    RazorEdge® trailing-edge technology, featuring mini-ribs
•    Riser Features
            20mm riser with adjustable AD neoprene comfort handles
            Separated A-riser for effortless big-ears, featuring “Ears” tabs
            B-riser labelling
            Right/Left riser colour coding
            Long and light acceleration system

Price: 3.790,-

AREA FLAT (m²) 18,06 20,57 22,99 25,03 27,82
AREA PROJECTED (m²) 15,55 17,70 19,79 21,54 23,94
SPAN FLAT (m) 10,03 10,54 11,18 11,73 12,20
SPAN PROJECTED (m) 7,55 8,06 8,52 8,89 9,37
ASPECT RATIO FLAT 4,85 4,85 4,85 4,85 4,85
ASPECT RATIO PROJ. 3,67 3,67 3,67 3,67 3,67
CELLS 34 34 34 34 34
WEIGHT (kg) 3,8 4,3 4,8 5,2 5,8
TAKE OFF WEIGHT (kg) 50-65-72** 60-78 72-92 85-105 100-125
**50-65kg is the standard loading, 65-72kg is a higher loading (both ranges EN-A)
XL available at $100 upcharge!

Registry of product 


Top sail: DOKDO-30DMF(WR) 40 gr Top lines: Liros DSL70
Bottom sail: DTN-40D-MF(WR) 47 gr  Middle lines: Liros PPSL120
Ribs: Dominico 30D hard Main lines: EDELRID 7343-280
Riser:20mm Nylon

Mailons: 4,3mm JOO-TECH/Korea



AirPack  (delivered with standard version)
50/50 AirPack (delivered with superlight version)
Glider Bag (Size M standard version, size S superlight version) 
riser bag
speed bar
Folder including manual (USB-stick), repair kit and AirDesign stickers