We train all year

We offer an introductory class for $220. It's a one day event, introducing you to the very basics  of Powered Paragliding! If at the end of the day you decide to purchase at least a glider we will use $200 from that class towards your purchase.


All training courses have to be finished within 90 days from the first day of the course (not counting the intro class). After 90 days each training day is subject to a $220 fee per day.


Introductary class: $220

PPG 2 course (beginner to PPG 2 USPPA rating): $700 with purchase of motor and glider/ please contact us to see about training you on your own equipment and for quotes


Ratings are not guaranteed and are depending on the student displaying the required skills. If the student does not want to be rated, they will still be trained according to the syllabus.


Southern Skies and Mojo's Flight school reserve the right to end the training at any time if the student continuously fails to listen to instruction or behaves in an unsafe manner.


Local ltraining is offered through Mojo's Flight school


Check our facebook page and youtube channel for more information on the training process and the equipment!

So what if you're not sure you want to commit yet... Come on down and we'll only charge you for the introductary class so you can get a feel for what it's all about. We have practice harnesses, wings, a simulator and a 85 acre field with two runways and several training hills about 80' high to get you up in the air for a little taste.

Watch a video here about your intructor, the school and the training process.

Pleae print out the  waiver below, fill out and bring them for your first training day.

           Waiver                                   Log Book